Welcome to Travels 4 The Soul

Sep 19, 2018

Travels4theSOUL is about transformative mindful journeys with purpose and intention.

Travel to me is a form of self-actualization, personal transformation, and growth. I try to explore new cultures and places in an authentic and more meaningful way.

My journeys are motivated by my desire to grow through self-reflection, shifting perspectives and fostering deeper personal connections and engagement. My travels are experiential and the personal fulfillment and self-improvement I gain from my travel experiences take precedence.

I try to travel responsibly exploring community tourism initiatives and the work of artists and artisans in the places I visit. Through my travel writings, I fuse the wonder of travel with notions of “Ubuntu”. This is a Nguni Bantu term meaning “I am because we are” or put more simply, I am stronger, a better human if I realise I am part of a greater whole.

Join me on this journey of discovery and transformation