The Best Places to Travel in 2019

Dec 16, 2018

As we count down to the end of 2018 it’s that time of the year when the travel experts start to reveal their annual lists of the best travel destinations to visit in the year ahead.

Lonely Planet has broken it down into four categories – countries, cities, regions and best value places. My favorite travel guidebook publisher has determined the 10 best places in each category. This has got me thinking about the infinite travel possibilities in 2019 for Travel4the Soul.

Laura Begley Bloom, Forbes expert on transformative travel also tapped into some of the world’s top travel experts to find out where they want to go next. Here are the most exciting places around the world to travel in 2019.

Travel + Leisure’s trusted travel advisors have compiled their list to see where people are going, and which places are the ones to watch in the coming year. This year’s list spans the globe. It includes new capitals of culture that piqued my interest. Interesting tourism destinations that are back in fighting form after natural disasters or human conflict are on my bucket list. They also include destinations that we haven’t heard much about, but certainly will soon and old places to see in a new light.

Finally, National Geographic’s list of the world’s most exciting destinations for the year ahead with tips on why to go now.