The Artists House: A peaceful escape in the heart of Bangkok

Dec 16, 2018

Anyone who has ever spent an extended period of time in Bangkok knows that sometimes you just have to escape the frenzy. The Artist’s House (Baan Silapin) in the heart of Thonburi, Bangkok, is just that!

It’s not the easiest place to find,  tucked away behind winding streets along a klong (canal) in Thonburi, Bangkok’s old capital. We wandered through winding streets till we found a handful of signs indicating we had come to the right place. The boardwalk leading to the house has several shops and tiny restaurants.

The Artists House is more than two hundred years old. It is a beautifully restored old wooden house, once typical along the klongs, owned by Khun Chumpol Akkapantanon who restored the house to its present glory. It also has a tall white chedi dating back to the Ayutthaya period standing in the backyard!

Whilst the house itself has a coffee shop and gallery it is also space for artists to hang out. They sit at wooden tables speckled with paint, chatting, drawing and working on their computers.

The wooden doors of the main seating open up to seating along the river. I bought a sketchbook in the gift shop and got creative out here whilst watching the longtail boats passing by.

The House puts on a traditional Thai puppet show each week -every day except Wednesday. The show is in Thai but I believe those who don’t speak the language still find it entertaining. There is no charge for the show, but you can drop some baht into a donation box. We missed out as our visit was on a Wednesday.